Data Recovery Service

AlohaTechs performs Data Recovery Services on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Do you have a drive that is making Strange Noise? Does this drive hold Critical Data?
Stop Using It (Power Off Entire System or External Drive) and Call AlohaTechs Immediately!

AlohaTechs offers Web Hosting plans with Extremely Reasonable Rates. Many times, we are able to save users 50% or more on what they are paying with their “other provider”. We offer Local Support and transfer of your Site to our Servers upon signing up with AlohaTechs.

A Hard Drive has many Moving parts and works much like how a record spins on a turntable and a needle reads the data. There are many ways a hard drive can be bad. It can be what is known as mechanically or logically defective. When the issue is mechanical, in this case, an internal part has gone bad. Usually, either the disk itself will not spin or the head with the needle that pivots to move across the disk either locks in place or fails. When a drive is logically bad, this means that the drive is mechanically sound, but has a logical error.  

Many times, with cases of Logical Drive Failure, the data is recoverable. In most cases, AlohaTechs does not charge you unless we are able to recover the data. A small amount of advanced recoveries require special attention and a great deal of time to attempt. In these cases we advise the customer of and ask for permission to proceed before it comes to a point where the customer is charged.

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  •   Invalid MBR (Master Boot Record)
  •   Invalid Boot.ini File
  •   Corrupted Partition
  •   Corrupted RAID Array
  •   Corrupted Operating System
  •   Bad Hard Drive Sectors
  •   Drive Not Shown By System
  •   Drive Making Strange Noises
  •   Drive Connects / Disconnects automatically
  •   Corrupt Data or Cannot Access Data
  •   Accidentally Erased Data
  •   Accidentally Formatted Drive
  •   Drive is Clicking or Does not Spin
  •   I dont know what is wrong! Call AlohaTechs!

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