Desktop System Repairs

Alohatechs Repairs PC’s of all types and brands!

100% free diagnostics on all systems. 

AlohaTechs offers a 100% Free, Basic Diagnostic of All Systems brought to our office in Keaau!

AlohaTechs has a great deal of experience in repairing and building PC’s. Do you have a broken PC ? Are you receiving error messages or the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ error? Does your computer not boot up at all? Do you not know if your computer is even worth fixing? AlohaTechs takes great pride in the fact that we offer Free, Basic Diagnostics on all systems in our Keaau based office. During this we determine the cause of the issue you are having and what is needed to fix it. In some cases the cost to repair the system exceeds the value of the entire system. In these cases AlohaTechs will advise you of this and make a recommendation as to if the machine should be repaired or not and what the cost for repair would be. At this time the customer has the option to proceed with the repair. An example of a system that would not be worth repairing… in most cases a machine that is 3-4 years old and requires more than $100 – $150 to repair is not worth the cost of the repair. There are exceptions to this such as if it was a very high-end system originally or if it has very high end parts or upgrades that have been performed. AlohaTechs will help you make a determination which will be best suited for you, the customer. 

examples of pc services available
  •   Windows Operating System Issues
  •   Operating System Installations
  •   PC Hardware Troubleshooting
  •   PC Software Troubleshooting
  •   Windows Error Messages
  •   Slow Running Systems
  •   Virus / Spyware Removal
  •   Setup / Install New Computer System
  •   Data Backup Services
  •   Data Recovery Services
  •   Warranty Service – We Handle it for you!
  •   PC Tuneup
  •   PC Hardware Diagnostics
  •   and Much More!

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