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There are many ways to achieve E-Commerce. We discuss projects with the client and then make a determination and recommendation of the proper framework to use for the site. This is completed as part of your Free Consultation and Estimate. E-Commerce is the art of selling products online. AlohaTechs works extensively on each E-Commerce Project. There are many different ways to achieve E-Commerce. We begin by a consultation where we meet and discuss your ideas and goals for the site. We also discuss your products and the way they are to be sold. From there, we make a recommendations of how to obtain the goals for the site. Many of our E-Commerce sites use a Content Management System. This Content Management System gives the Site Owner the capability to Administer the website once it is created. We offer training for this or we can even handle it for you via a Maintenance Contract.

Different Types of S.E.O.

There are many different types of Search Engine Optimization and many different techniques which can be used to improve your position and online visibility. Below are the two main types of Search Optimization and a brief description of both.

  E-Commerce Services

There are many different ways to build an E-Commerce site. Depending on the Company’s Goals for the site, AlohaTechs makes the proper recommendation for each Project. We make the recommendations in writing along with an estimated cost to complete the project.

 Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Each E-Commerce site AlohaTechs builds uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology which creates a secure connection between the Website Server and the Buyers System and ensures buyer protection. This is standard in most E-Commerce Websites. Many Internet users refuse to purchase products online unless the site is secured with SSL Technology.

e-commerce platform options

When building E-Commerce Websites, there are many options that the Store Owner has as far as Technologies Available for the store. This is another way that you can benefit from AlohaTechs. We will arrange a consultation where we will discuss your Business, Type of Products, and Goals for the Online Store. Once AlohaTechs has more of an idea of what you are trying to achieve, we will make recommendations of what will work best in your particular needs.

  e-commerce platform options

  •   WordPress 
  •   Joomla
  •   Magento
  •   Drupal
  •  and More!

 site updates & Maintenance

AlohaTechs offers many ways of keeping your site up-to-date. We offer both training where we show you how to add products and manage orders. We also offer complete maintenance service where we complete all phases of maintenance, product upgrades, additions, and changes. Most of our e-commerce websites are built using Open Source frameworks. This means that adding/removing products once the site is built is very easy!

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