Website Maintenance

Do you have an existing website that needs work or is not producing the results you are looking for?

Has your existing website gotten Hacked or has Security Flaws? We Can Help!

AlohaTechs will analyze your existing site and make recommendations to you in writing with proper action to take to get your site back on track. In some cases, we are able to edit the existing site and make minor changes which will improve the site. Other times Full Redesign is necessary to achieve the goals for the site.

We analyze each site on an individual basis and make specific recommendations.

We began offering this service as we started to get many inquiries from customers who had dealt with other Web Development Companies. They were either not satisfied with the results of the site, the design of the site or the project was not completed at all. AlohaTechs provides many different types of Web Design. We have a great deal of experience with creating high quality Websites which provide results.

We believe that each Website should be individually crafted depending on the needs of the client and goals for the site. AlohaTechs provides services in all areas of Web Development and Marketing. This makes AlohaTechs your Complete Provider for all of your Web Related needs.


  •  Is the site Completed?
  •  Is the site Optimized for Search Engines?
  •  Are the proper Keywords in the correct places?
  •  Does the site appeal to it’s Target Market?
  •  Does the site need additional content or graphics?
  •  Was the original site designed in 1999?
  •  Does the site get the amount of traffic desired?
  •  How does the site compare to the competition’s sites?
  •  Was the site designed using modern Technologies?
  •  Wanting to take your project an entirely new direction?

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